‘Back to the Basics: A Guide for Christian Living’ a review

‘Back to the Basics: A Guide for Christian Living’ by Pastor Joe Quatrone

I received a early manuscript of this book from Joe, we follow each others blogs.

His is here

This wonderful booklet is not that big it took me 2 hours to read while being treated in hospital. While not being that big or long to read it does challenge you. It challenges your view of God, your relationship with Him and what you believe.

It has seventeen chapters :- Consequences, Signs of a Hard Heart, Humility vs. Pride, Restitution, The Godly Person, Will of God, Faith or Presumption?, Wisdom, Waiting, Contentment, Worldliness, Assurance of Salvation, Grace, Adoption in God’s Family, What Happens When I Die?.

Joe describes it this way ‘I do not know where you are on your personal spiritual journey. Perhaps you are exhausted and spent. Maybe you have recently experienced significant growth, or you may have settled on a comfortable plateau because of an uncertain future. But I do know this: God wants you to enjoy and complete the journey! He has pledged Himself to finish the good work He began in you at salvation and will keep you strong until the end.Each chapter is short and to the point but leaves you thinking about your faith or lack of it.

Back to the Basics is not a lofty theological work, nor is it an academic commentary. Instead, I have prepared a friendly, easy-to-use help system for every believer. This practical and easy-to-apply book will show you how to put God’s Word to work in your daily life. This book will enhance your understanding of the way life was meant to be lived.’

This is the why the booklet continues it is simple but deep, challenging and thoughtful, it is a book you can read right through  or just dip into.

This is a book you can leave in the church or give to friends. Share with those who have finished an Alpha course or many other situations.


Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take heart. Wait for the Lord (Psalm 27:14).

 In this hurry-up world, waiting for anything can cause us to lose our tempers, tongues, and good senses more frequently than we care to admit. I don’t know anyone who enjoys waiting in line. We don’t like waiting at stoplights. We don’t like waiting for dinner. We don’t even like waiting for good things – like for fish to bite. We want what we want now!

Why is it so hard to wait?’

Questions like this abound in this great little book and rather than easy answers it makes you think about it, and see what God has to say about these things.

If you are unsure of every part of your faith, a new Christian, want your faith shaken up or have questions and no answers, then try this booklet, Its a lot cheaper than any self-help book and a lot more use.

It can be bought on Amazon.



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