who are you trying to impress?

‘…I am watching to see that My word is fulfilled.’ Jeremiah 1:12 Don’t waste your life trying to do things that God has neither called nor equipped you to do. Your parents may think you’d make a wonderful doctor or lawyer, but what does God think? What has He said about you? God told Jeremiah, ‘…I am watching to see that My word is fulfilled.’ If God said it-He will back it up. If He didn’t-you’re on your own! Too many people waste their lives trying to do things that God never called and equipped them to do. Identify the source of your vision! Look deep within yourself; who are you trying to impress?

Part of UCB Word for Today for 2 June 2014

This thought made me think about my life so far.

When I was young and not following God I made many decisions about things I wanted to do, I went into accounts briefly that failed badly. Then I went to college before starting work on early computers, that went well. Then wanting more money and better prospects I left the civil service and went private with the computer skills which in the 70’s were in demand. That went ok but not quite the way I expected. Then I decided to join the army, that didn’t go so well. After I went back to computers and then programing, again it didn’t always go as expected and I had 4 jobs in 6 years. After that I took over the running and ownership of a Cafe. I enjoyed that but in the end it did my health no good.

Then I found Jesus looking for me, and I  decided to let Him me in charge of what I do. I finished at the cafe, and went for training in ministry as I felt that was where I was being called. For the first time in my life I felt I was where I was supposed to be, education went well much better than any other time. My job setting up a community center went even better. many of the skills I had picked up doing things my way came in handy.

Now due to ill health I do not work, well not paid full time, but God still uses me and the gifts He has given me. He has backed up His word to me every time. When I follow things happen and work out. Like the Alpha courses I have been running for the last few years. Even when I am struggling  I am given the strength and my struggle speaks to others of Gods presence.

Who am I trying to impress, these days God.

Before family, friends, workmates, myself.

Which worked out better impressing God.

Try it, ask Him what He wants of you and do it.


2 responses to “who are you trying to impress?

  1. Wonderful post and overall interesting read. Thanks for your ministry. Feel free to repost / share on Godinterest. God Bless You


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