The Misfits chapter 4 current part 1


As our heroes look to Romeo, Sinclair, and Jules needs and wonder about the swords, a hideous creature, appearing as nothing more than a lump of man-sized blobs of molten stinking flesh that oozes across the ground as it moves, comes out of the crack in the pentagram and thrusts its spear at Sinclaire. Peter see’s it and thrusts his spear through it, spilling its hideous body over the floor. With the monster dealt with, they consider how to close the portal, remembering that they destroyed the words in the violated bible. They remember that they need a holy item and Peter says he has a sliver cross, working together they try to recall the words to the prayer. Once Sinclaire thinks he has it they throw the sliver cross into the crack and Sinclaire prays. Nothing happens. He must have got something wrong. Knowing it is beyond them they decide they must leave and get help to shut it.


They go back to thinking about the swords again, Sinclaire examines the scabbards as Peter has done and uses his lore as he and Peter about what they could be. With some help from the still partially conscious Romeo they wonder about the legend of Cid and maybe the arming sword might be Colada. Peter remembers this Martin Antolinez and Diego Gonzalez brake their lances on each other, and laid hand upon their swords. Martin Antolinez drew forth Colada, the brightness of which flashed over the whole field, for it was a marvellous sword; and in their strife he dealt him a back-handed blow which sheared off the crown of his helmet, and cut away hood and coif, and the hair of his head and the skin also: this stroke he dealt him with the precious Colada. And Diego Gonzalez was sorely dismayed therewith, and though he had his own sword in his hand he could not for very fear make use of it, but he turned his horse and fled: and Martin Antolinez went after him, and dealt him another with the flat part of the sword, for he mist him with the edge, and the Infante began to cry out aloud, Great God, help me and save me from that sword! And he rode away as fast as he could, and Martin Antolinez called out after him, Get out, Don Traitor! and drove him out of the lists, and remained conqueror.


Colada is one of the two best-known swords, along with Tizona, of El Cid Campeador. Won in combat from the Count of Barcelona, the sword was presented (along with Tizona) to his sons in law. According to the heroic verses of the Cantar de mio Cid, after his sons-in-law beat his daughters and then abandoned them on the side of the road, El Cid asked his gifts to be returned. Afterward, he bestowed the sword upon one of his knights, Martín Antolínez


Maybe the other is Tizona!


While distracted another devil struggles up out of the crack, again Peter keeping one eye on the area spears and kills it. He then takes both swords off the wall and the party leaves taking Amalinda with them, she supports Romeo as they head back through the catacombs. They leave the bodies of the rest of the family there by the pentagram, as Peter leads the way out.


They find Kyle and their cart and horses just outside the chapel, they also see Lady Elzbeth lying in the courtyard with ripped clothing and in a bad way. Her husband is dead also in the courtyard. The main house has smoke coming from it as well as the lick of flames from windows, the buildings around the inner courtyard have been torched and are well alight. Peter takes some material from a peasant passing by, not taking any no’s, and covers Lady E up while comforting her. He then gets her onto the cart and goes to forage and see if he can get there remaining stuff from their quarters. He manages to spear some meat from the burning kitchen and then pushes past the smoke and fire to reach their quarters throwing the equipment out to Jules. Then rather then go through the smoke again he uses a rope and goes down the outside of the manor, telling Jules to bring the others and they will meet outside again.


Jules and the others find out from Kyle that Bergen took two riding horses and left, they get a description of the horses. They met up with Peter and head into the village and the church and priests house. Once there they put the women inside the house with Romeo and Sinclaire while Peter and Jules check out the church. There is nothing of interest in the church and once back in the house Peter searches it. While he is doing that the others prepare a fire and bedding while securing the door. peter finds a parchment which Sinclaire try’s to read after praying for protection. However it turns out that Amalinda can and she guides them through what it says. It is from the Vicar General – García Ramírez of the Cathedral of San Pedro in Chaca to Peter of Bergosa. It is a general letter saying that they will see each other again some time. They assume that Peter is Bergen, and also that as Chaca is a Aragonese town two to three days away on the main trade route.


With Peter sleeping near the door they rest till morning after a very eventful night.

After nearly eight hours sleep they wake and use what the house and they have to make breakfast. Peter and Jules chat to two young boys and tell them to tell the villagers to bring food and drink, and any other loot like armour and bolts they want to sell. They buy two suits of scale armour off of them to replace the useless armour Jules and Sinclaire have left after the vomit had destroyed it. They also get some bolts as well as food, fodder and drink for a few days. All of this costs them 12 franks which Jules pays. The two mansion grooms also turn up asking if they are needed as they noticed they did not have any and they no longer have a job. Pedro & Ferrer are hired for 1d a day, and they go and see to the horses, they have brought riding horses of their own with them.


During a two hour rest Sinclaire prays for the healing of Romeo’s head wound. By the time they are ready to move off Romeo’s head is fully healed, a miracle. So around midmorning they large group sets out, Amalinda and Lady Elzbeth on Romeo’s cart with Jules, Peter, Sinclaire and the grooms on horses. They head South to the village of Pic d’Anie, the first on the way to Chaca. As they leave the loclas glower at them, maybe thinking about what they have done in killing there lords and what this party might bring back to them. Sinclaire says to them, ‘if you value your souls, find somewhere else fortified to go, this place has demons.’


At Pic d’Anie the local lord and his men demand a toll, Sinclaire shows his bishops pass and says ‘we are on church business.’ They are allowed to pass, and they head south east to the next villages, this journey takes them through mountainous terrain of ridges and valleys, rocky and wooded, at times they can see the snow on the top of the higher peaks, thankfully it is summer and not to cold. They have to go through the same routine at Anelarra and then Petrechema where they stop for the night. They are charged 60d for the group and its horses for the night at the inn here. They share a room and Sinclaire falls asleep while on guard and does not wake the others.


In the morning they leave the village early, by now they have found out that Bergen or Peter has come this way, and has told the locals that they are Castilians raiders chasing him. They head to Col de Pao then Lac d’arlet, before turning South to Canfranc, and then to Villanuas where they stop for the night. Again it costs them to stay overnight in the inn, another 60 sliver pennies. After a good supper they head to their room and sleep, again they have a guard awake all night. Peter on his turn hears talking, although he can not understand the conversation he does recognise the voices of the innkeeper and the local lord. Hearing the clank of armour, he opens the shuttered window and looks out to see some torches disappearing down the road.


Next morning Peter talks to the innkeeper about the nights activities, he gets little from him at first but knows he is hiding something. Peter gets Sinclaire who intimates the innkeeper, who tells them that he talked the lord form attacking last night so as not to damage the inn, but they will be ambushed as they leave today. The lord believes they are enemies.


Sending Peter out to scout they prepare for there journey, Peter having a bad day stubbles into the ambush. The lord calls out, ‘you are under arrest as enemies of the crown. stand down.’ Peter calls for Sinclaire to join him and they try again to persuade the lord that they are not enemies but work for the church. Eventually Sinclaire gets fed up and decides to prove his point, so challenges the lord to combat to prove who’s right. As Sinclaire dismounts the lord agrees and his men stand up to watch from there ambush positions.


Sinclaire moves forwards to close the distance apart to 16 yards, his opponent breaks into a short run and throws his javelin at Sinclaire, who bats it away with his shield. With the combatants now 14 yards apart Sinclaire watches examining what his opponent is armed and armoured with. He sees a man in mail armour with a plate helm, holding a shield with a spear behind it and wearing a long sword. The Lord of Villanuas, takes another javelin ready to throw. Sinclaire responds by charging to long sword range, about 4 feet away, while Lord Villanuas prepares to parry with his shield. Sinclaire swings and hits with lord V missing his parry, the blow hits his abdomen but fails to get through his armour, Sinclaire tries to use the blow to trip him up but Lord Villanuas keeps his feet.


Sinclaire being quicker swings again, getting past Villanuas parry, and because he is not trying to kill the lord takes a chunk out of the shield. Lord Villanuas thrusts his javelin back but Snclaire uses his shield to parry it. Sinclaire strikes again and this time falters in his steps leaving him open to a counter blow, which Lord Villanuas delivers. Sinclaire parries the blow. Sinclaire then counter attacks again, again getting past the parry, he goes for a disarms of the sheild but fails hitting Lord Villanuas left arm and cutting a bloody gouge in it. Lord Villanuas responds with another javelins thrust, which is again parried. The fight finishes when Sinclaire gets past Lord Villanuas parry again hits him in the head causing his to drop his javelin and fall, even though the blow fails to get past his helm.


Sinclaire calls ‘yield’ Lord Villanuas says ‘its the will of the lord.’ and offers his equipment as the loser. Sinclaire turns that down saying he has made his point. and the party continues on there journey towards Castiello de Chaca and Chaca.



What will they find in Chaca?

Will Bergen be there?

What allies might he have?


rest of story here


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