Euro Elections 2014

Tomorrow Thursday 22nd May 2014 is the chance to vote for Euro MP’s.

So you say how do I vote?

Well first you need to know what is important for you in this election.

1/ If you want out of the EU, then this election is not for you, as these MP’s not not have that power. Only national governments can vote to leave the EU.

2/ If you want people who can reform the EU from within, then you have a few choices. The Greens, Lib-Dems and Labor will all work for improve GB’s place in the EU and vote on things which help this country.   UKIP do not tend to vote so allowing ofer countries EMP’s to control the agenda. The Conservatives, well that will depend on who the person is and how they feel about the Eu as to how they act in the parliament.

3/ If you believe in the EU and want to influence its direction then like 2 only some of the parties will be of use to you.

SO before you go to vote tomorrow, think.

Do I want to be in the EU, if no then you need to vote for a party in the national elections next year who will take you out. If yes then see 2 or 3 above.

Do I want to change the EU, if yes see 2 above if no see 3.

See enjoy your hard won right to a vote and think how you will use it.



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