Review of ‘The Fell Sword’

The Fell Sword a novel by Miles Cameron

I enjoyed this book, first it made a change to my current reading of the ‘The War at Sea’  British official naval history of WWII by S W Roskill. Second it was a good grab you and do not but down read.

The book continues the story of the Red Knight, see review here.  It is much better written and flows well. It continues to use the multi-point of view story telling which gives you a great view of the ongoing story.

The fell sword of the title, well I will not spoil it for you.

Like the first book it follows the story of the Red Knight and his mercenary company, this time as they go to help a princess, whose father has been overthrown. The story is well put together and has lots of links that will flow into the next story.

My only complaint is that Miles uses a lot of historical terms from real civilizations  which although I knew most of them, I read a lot of history, the vast majority of readers might not.



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