Life is an Adventure

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I can idenify with this, for many years my journey was in the lush green plains, now it is a long slog up the mountain, due to health, with breif blessings on the way, but mainly just tough. It would be so much tougher without Jesus with me.

The Life Project

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Life with Jesus Christ is a journey, and that journey is quite an adventure.  It’s an adventure that travels down a long narrow road through beautiful lush countryside, past rivers and streams, flat plains, and sometimes even through hot, dry deserts.  We may find ourselves struggling up a long steep mountain slope, wondering if we’ll ever reach the top… When we finally get to the top of the mountain, the view from the top is so fantastic to behold that we might forget all about the climb.

As we go along, we might see something off to the side of the road; we might leave the road to go and check it out and we might even tarry there for quite a long time.  Then we look up and see that our travelling party is way far off in the distance, and we must get ourselves back on the path…

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