Would you walk to your death?

I have been thinking today the Thursday before Good Friday about Jesus going to His death.

I wonder if any one else would have carried on there path knowing where it would end.

I wonder if I would stay to that path, Peter didn’t.

Why did He do it?

Why not just go somewhere else for a few days and avoid the cross. He knew it was coming he prayed about it with His Father in Gethsemane.

I am not sure many of us would have stuck to it, no matter our faith.

What I do know is that Jesus Knew His Fathers will, He knew that this was the only way to safe us from our own sinfulness. He went to His death because He loves us. I say Loves us because he still does and we put Him back on the cross all the time.

He did it so we would be seen as righteous in Gods eyes and could be in His presence. So that we could sit with Him in heaven. We do not need to do anything to receive this, it is a free gift  from Jesus to us. All we have to do is accept it, to do that we have to follow Him and live in a way which honors Him.

I try to do that, I know He died for me and I try to live my life loving Him and others just as He loves me.

Can you do that?

Do you want to do that?

Do you want the free gift of Gods forgiveness? To be able to stand in heaven?

Then follow Jesus, if not you will be judged when you die on the basis of how you lived your live, and we all fall far short of reaching Gods requirement of us.

Jesus the way the truth and the life. All who follow Him are saved.


3 responses to “Would you walk to your death?

  1. I love to sing an old song called “Ten Thousand Angels” about how Christ gave up all of His rights to divine intervention in order to save us from our sins and offer us eternal life. He was much braver than Braveheart. You should check out the lyrics online…your message reminds me of it.

    Happy Easter,
    Olive Twist


    • HI Olive
      Is this the one you are about

      Happy Easter


      • I can’t seem to play it at the moment, but if it’s the one with the this chorus “He could have called ten thousand angels to destroy the world and set Him free. He could have called ten thousand angels but He died alone for you and me” then it’s the right one. I will try listening again later.



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