Ukraine, plots and Psalm 2

I was reading this psalm today

Psalm 2  [The Message]

1-6 Why the big noise, nations?
Why the mean plots, peoples?
Earth-leaders push for position,
Demagogues and delegates meet for summit talks,
The God-deniers, the Messiah-defiers:
“Let’s get free of God!
Cast loose from Messiah!”
Heaven-throned God breaks out laughing.

It made me think of the current situation in the Ukraine, with Russia and others making a lot of noise, plotting and pushing for position. These things have happened through out history and even God reconised that it happened, and laughed. He laughed because these leaders thought that they could be free of God and His plans for His people.

Yes the situation is not funny, but if you were God looking down on us as we look down on ants it might well be. As we get so hot under the collar about things which in the big picture are so small.


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