Telling it how it is

As always Ian hits the point.
If those with money paid there taxes along with business’s there would be enough for all to have a fair wage. To many are paid so little that the state has to support them. So some business avoid paying there staff enough and also do not pay tax. Good way to show we are all in it together!

Chaplain's blog

The recent letter from 27 bishops and host of other religious leaders, along with the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster’s criticism of the welfare reform strategy has, not surprisingly, provoked a strong response from members of the coalition government. Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg seem keen to present the views of these senior clerics as somehow out of touch with reality. But that is not the case.

Up and down the land the truth is that more and more people are having to rely on food banks, an increasing number of people are having to make choices between food and heat, and councils up and down the land are having to cut back on front-line community services because of scathing budget cuts.

Mr Cameron’s claim that the welfare reforms are part of a moral responsibility to give people hope is, quite frankly, nonsense. Local faith communities up and down the land…

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