Review of ‘The Ill Made Knight’

‘The Ill made Knight’ by Christian Cameron a book review

I was lent this book to read as I am running a roleplay campaign in this time period, the Hundred years war in the 14th century. I really enjoyed reading it, yes it was a bit slow to get my interest other than as a series of skirmish reports in the style of Froissart. But at some point it draws you in to its story of a man who started out with good Morales and intentions who got lead astray and then found   his way with the help of a woman and most importantly a monk with real faith.

Yes there is a lot of combat and war devastation in this story but there are also bright moments as some of the characters fight against being drawn further down into the pit of evil. It shows up the never ending fight for man to be better than the society he is in and the conflict with in medieval society. I do not know if the author is a Christian but his book does a good job of showing the redemption and forgiveness Jesus brings, as well as showing the tensions within the church at this time and since.

Well worth a read and a must if you want to get a handle on this period of history.


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