Review of ‘The Knights of Islam’

The Knights of Islam

The wars of the Mamluks

by James Waterston

At first glance this seems a great book for one interested in history, the Mamluks controlled Egypt and Syria for over 200 years. 1250 to 1517

In fact it is a good history its just a shame that it is not better written, there are parts of the book that become quite confusing as dates seem to jump back and forth, meaning you have to read it a few times to get it straight.

The Mamluks saw themselves as an elite and above all others which made for a state which was difficult to rule as others where always trying to gain power for themselves. When you consider that Mamluks were slaves trained to be elite warriors and they were only freed on the death of there master. There children did not count as Mumluk nor could they inherit.

Worth reading if you have any interest in this society but disappointing as a  general book and could do with being relaid out in places.


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