2013 the end and my thoughts

Well what can I say about 2013?

Well first it was a blessing to be part of Gods work in others lives, over the two Alpha courses this year we had five guests. All of them became followers of Christ and got confirmed to make it public. Then they invited  others to follow there journey and we have six from there families to do the first course of 2014. I also got to do some talks both in my local church The Church of the Ascension and in a few others when asked to help. It is always wonderful to see God talking to people through them and how He brings services together even though the various parts are done by various people.

Second, we had a lovely holiday where we got to met family and friends we had seen for quite a while, even got to see the new Church Army HQ and center. The changes to the collage where wonderful and so well done. It was a pleasure to chat with the colleagues there.

Then there was the following and being part of various online campaigns to bring fairness and support to many people. If you have not done so do join a online campaigning group and support those people who need our help to improve there lives.

I also enjoyed the many games I got to play, both face to face and by e-mail. Meting new friends in the street through our occasional games evening. I have really enjoyed the role-play and seeing the players work through the story.

I was blessed by the loss of my Laptop and the better one I now have, also by the breaking of our fridge freezer and it better replacement. God is good.

Yes my health has not been that good, and I have had so many infections particularly upper respiratory ones. Yes occasionally I have  thought enough is enough but God has given me the strength to cope and keep going.

Another year gone, 58 and counting, and looking forward to the next one. More opportunities to follow Christ and do His work, more things to learn and people to meet.

I hope that you also are looking forward to this new year and I pray that you are blessed during it and find your way with God.


2 responses to “2013 the end and my thoughts

  1. Father, I pray for Chris, a faithful warrior, for your strength in his weakness. Continue to give him the breathe that he needs to do your work. Like Paul’s thorn, respiratory is Chris’s thorn. But a thorn that humbles him to lean on you, always. Father, I pray that you do mighty and exceedingly abundant things in Chris’s 2014. Amen.


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