Review of ‘Barbarossa’ by A Clark

I have been reading this book for a few weeks, it is an old 1965 book, which I think I read as a child but have just got second hand.

It covers the Nazi attack on the USSR in 1941 and the war in the East to 1945.

It cover the main campaigns and battles as well as the political and production sides. In fact the political had more impact on this campaign than virtually anything else.

Although a old book it cover the war in the east in a full and understandable way, looking at the reasons it happened and the way it was fought. It makes few moral judgements but leaves you in know doubt that it was a cruel and humanity-less war.

It covers the infighting on the German side which caused various problems as well as the paranoia on both sides of the other.


A good read for a overview of this part of WWII, it will leave you wondering what might have happened if things had been done differently.


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