Review of my “PC Specialist” laptop

Just love this laptop here is why.
I have had a few laptops over the years, primary for games and office work from home, due to health I do not work but run the Churches website as well as other things. Some of these have been HP and some of other makes, they have all been ok but never quite lived up to the claims made.
My last laptop a HP had been sent for repair, I had only had it 10 months,  but it was lost and I was refunded the cost, it had not worked as well as I had expected it got too hot and some of my old games did not like Win8. Looking for a replacement I found that many new ones did not have DVD drives which I wanted. Looking online I found “PC Specialist”. At first I was cautious about the company and its claims, I had a Desk Top built by a local company many years ago but was not impressed. Anyway after checking reviews from other places than PC Specialist I decided to go for it. I found the forum very good for checking the setup I wanted, however I was still concerned about build quality and appearance. I also worried about paying upfront for something I would not see for weeks, particularly as I used a debit card as it would cost more to use the security of a credit card. See specs below.
However I was worrying for nothing, I have had this machine for over a week and it is all I could have wanted.
It took 13 working days to build and arrived the day after it was finished, I could track the courier so could see the estimated delivery time. Being at home all day meant no problem for delivery but I would be tricky if working as it is not till the morning that you get a delivery estimate and you could already be at work by then.
The Laptop was well wrapped and worked straight from the box, It looked good a dull grey and of a strong build, in fact better quality build than most of my previous laptops. The keyboard is good and well laid out, the battery is under the front so the weight is well distributed for use on a lap tray, it fits fine on my fan tray. The extra cooling paste I had fitted and the good layout means I can run this system for hours without it getting hot at all, it fact its like having a cool pack on my legs instead of a oven.
In the last week I have been running CivV and Shogun2 for hours without any problems, in the past I have had to shut down after a hour or so due to heat. Using Win7 means it also runs some of my older games as well.
Overall a great machine I am glad I went for it, it is much better than any commercial one I have had and a good price as well in fact cheaper than many commercial systems which claim the same specs. The fact that you can modify the specs means that you get the machine you want rather then the generic one a big company wants to sell. The cooling paste is a great addition, it surprises me  it is not a standard item on all laptops.

The HYBRID drive is a great addition, reloading a current game is fast as is its play due to the high ram. I was not particular about turning on time as a minute here or there is not that important when you are at home, it does come out of sleep and hibernation really quickly though.

The Matt screen is much better than the glossy ones I have had before, so much easier to see and games look good on it.
If like me you are not a power gamer, I only play strategy games not shooters, or even if you are and want a system that can do office work as well as run games at will, that will sit on your lap most of the day without boiling you or shutting down then this is for you. Do not worry about quality or the time wait, its worth the wait and the quality is fine even the sound. Yes mine is not cheep but they do have basic laptops from £400 so not much different than the high street.

The service was great and I had replies to queries within a day and a bit.

Chassis & Display Optimus Series: 17.3″ Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920×1080)
Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Mobile Processor i7-4700MQ (2.40GHz) 6MB
Graphics Card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 765M – 2.0GB DDR5 Video RAM – DirectX® 11
2nd Graphics Card NONE
Memory – 1st Hard Disk 1TB SEAGATE HYBRID GEN3 SSHD Drive, SATA 6 Gb/s, 64MB CACHE (5400 rpm)
2nd Hard Disk NONE
1st DVD/BLU-RAY Drive 8x SATA DVD±R/RW/Dual Layer (+ 24x CD-RW)
Memory Card Reader Internal 9 in 1 Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/SD: Mini, XC & HC/MS: Pro & Duo)
Sound Card Intel 2 Channel High Definition Audio + MIC/Headphone Jack
Wireless/Wired Networking GIGABIT LAN & KILLER™ 1202 WIRELESS GAMING 802.11N + BLUETOOTH 4.0
Wireless Router/HomePlugs NONE
USB Options 3 x USB 3.0 PORTS + 1 x USB 2.0 PORT AS STANDARD
Battery Optimus Series 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery (5,200 mAh/76.96WH)
Power Cable 1 x UK Power Lead & 120W AC Adaptor
Operating System Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit w/SP1 – inc DVD & Licence
DVD Recovery Media Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) DVD with paper sleeve
Change to: NORTON 360 SUITE – 1 Year Licence for up to 3 PCs *SPECIAL*
Laptop Cooling Stands NONE
Carry Case NONE
Monitor NONE
Keyboard & Mouse NONE
Gaming Mouse Pad NONE
Speakers NONE
Headsets NONE
Surge Protection NONE
Printer NONE
External Hard Drive NONE
Warranty 3 Year Gold Warranty (2 Year Collect & Return, 2 Year Parts, 3 Year Labour)
Home Installation NONE
Dead Pixel Guarantee 1 Year Dead Pixel Guarantee Inc. Labour & Carriage Costs
Insurance NONE
Data Recovery NONE
Build Time Standard Build – Approximately 11 to 13 working days

3 responses to “Review of my “PC Specialist” laptop

  1. Review update Dec 31st 2013
    Been using this for a while now, I do find the keyboard a little noisy when going fast but ok for slow typing which most of mine is. I have had no problem with heat even after playing CiV 5 for hours, before after an hour or so a laptop would be to hot and I would have to stop. Also Shogun 2 battles run wonderfully again with no heat build up.
    By far the best machine I have had.


  2. Its been some months since I last posted on this.
    The laptop is still going strong, the keyboard is not as noisy as I first thought. It handles doing multiple things really well. I can have a game running and need to open another one for a e-mail move the only problem tends to be a message about the graphics which I ignore as its me having two games running together.
    For all other uses this machine has proved excellent..


  3. July 2014
    The laptop has been running fine during the hot days.
    It still runs cool. cooler than any one I have either had.
    No crashes or over heating.
    I did have to send it back a couple of months ago to have the network card replaced. Bit of a pain as in trying to get it to work I had to restore the system and reinstall everything. That said it was picked up quickly and returned the same way by courier. Good service.


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