A legend in his own lifetime

Like Ian I knew of Nelson from his time as a ‘Terrorist’ prisoner then statesman. The people of SA will miss him and the world has lost a peacemaker one of the few.

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Although the death of Nelson Mandela did not come as a shock following a long period of illness, his loss is keenly felt around the world. The great man’s place in history is assured, and generations yet unborn will come to learn about ‘Madiba’. When I first heard about Nelson Mandela he was incarcerated in Robben Island prison, and the despicable apartheid regime was at its height. Years later it was profoundly moving to see South Africans queuing around the block to cast their vote and elect Mandela as their president.

It is difficult to know what to say about Nelson Mandela, so great has been his impact on the world stage, but for me some of the qualities that come to mind are as follows. He was immensely courageous, standing tall in the face of one of the most oppressive and evil political systems the world has seen; he…

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