ALFA Character

ALFA CHARACTER SHEETA sample character for BASH

HISTORY-  Alfa was discovered in Antarctica by an independent scientific expedition led by Professor Sir Terence Donaldson, owner and head of the Donaldson Institute.  Donaldson’s expedition found a strange structure buried deep in glacial ice, clearly broken off from a larger structure and perhaps millions of years old.  The structure was made of unknown materials, structurally sound despite the huge pressures of the ice and virtually empty except for a single humanoid robot, which Donaldson named Alpha.  The robot was in perfect condition but all its memory systems appeared blank.  Donaldson’s team tried downloading data into the robot and succeeded in reactivating it.  Alpha became fully functional and self aware but had only the knowledge that Donaldson’s team provided it with.  Donaldson decided to keep his discovery secret, fearing exploitation by governments and left Alpha in the Antarctic, returning several times with large amounts of data for Alpha to download and assimilate.  Donaldson strove to install strong moral and ethical values into Alpha.  When Donadson failed to return after an absence of a year, Alpha set out for England to find him.  Alpha discovered that the Donaldson Institute had been attacked by a high tech gang of super criminals after some of Donaldson’s technological wonders.  In the attack Donaldson and most of his team were killed, so knowledge of Alpha had been lost.  Alpha tracked down the criminals, captured them and handed them over to the police, mindful of the ethics Donaldson had taught him.  Alpha could kill but, mindful of human fear of killer robots, prefers to let people believe his programming prevents this.  In honour of Donaldson’s memory Alpha lets people believe that he was built by Donaldson.  However impressed by the Alfa Romeo tagline “Without heart we are mere machines” he has changed his name to ALFA.  Alfa now pursues a career as a super hero.


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