DBMM Mithridtic V Chinese Southern Dynasty

A few short battle report

The lands of Mithridates the Great have been attacked by a bunch of Easteners from China

My Army consited of the following  Book 2 no 48 90BC

CiC Cv(O), 4 Kn(F)*, 2 Lh(O)*, 2 Lh(F)*, 4 Bw(I)*, 2 Ps(S)*  2 army Bg(I)*

Sub Cv(O), 4 Kn(I)*, 2 Lh(O)*, 2 Lh(F)*, 4 Bw(I)*, 2 Ps(S)*  2 army Bg(I)*

Sub Cv(O), 8 Ax(S), 4 Ax(S)*, 8 Ps(S)*, 2 army Bg(I)*

Armenian Ally Kn(X)*, 4 Kn(X)*, 6 Lh(F)*

Train 6 Bg(I)*

The Chinese turned up with an odd army Book 2 no79 Sourthern Dynasty Chinese 400AD

CiC Kn(X), 16 Wb(F)*, 1 El(O)*, 2 Art(O), 8 Bd(O), 8 Ps(O)  1 Bg(O)

Sub Kn(X), 4 WWg(O), 8 Bd(I)*, 8 Ps(O)*, 1 Bg(O)

Sub Kn(X), 4 Kn(X), 5 Shp(I)*, 1 Bg(O)

The Chinese put down a sea to cover one flank and I went for 2 1FE gentle hills, 2 1/2FE wooded hills, 2 1/2FE Orchards

with 3 numbers on the Chinese base line that is where most of the terran fell, all but 1 Gentle hillwSet upich could not fit anywhere.

I deployed first in multible lines.

The Chinese then deployed 2 commands between the sea and warwaggons, orchards and hills. This meant there was a flank march and the troops on board were in a fortress.

Set up Chinese

Set up Chinese








Set yp

Set up








I moved first and the Chinese sat and waited.

After a the first 2 turns this was the positionAfter two turns

This was the scene after 4 turns after the naval flank march turned up.

I had covered the waters edge and my open flank with troops, but moved those covering the open left flank once I knew it was a naval attack.

Turn 4





The Chinese decided a while after this to call it a day they dared not land there strike troops or move out of the fortress to support them.

Although I could not defeat them tacticly they were in a mess as my light horse would stop them retiring and the wind from the NW [upper right corner] meant that the ships had limited movement options.

A interesting game even if we never got to fight as it showed what could happen historically when a manily foot army found inself up against a mainly mounted and light army.

I felt that he had brought to many gimmicks to be able to use any effectly. Also not putting his side number on the sea flank but his base line meant he was boxed in.

After a the first 2 turns this was the position



One response to “DBMM Mithridtic V Chinese Southern Dynasty

  1. It also shows that you can trap yourself in your own fortress. Interesting point about too many gimmicks


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