The Sharp Double-Edged Sword

This is so true, one needs to prepare for war
Our preperation is time with God and allowing the Spirit to fill us

This Day With God

We face a war between the forces of good and evil in our daily living. Think of the entertainment industry. Here’s a post from Proverbial Thought about the conflict we constantly have to contend with in a society that praises vulgarity, violence, and vice.

We do not go alone so never fear. Trust in God in rainy days or the heat of a pressure filled day or whatever each day brings. Don’t be shaken. God’s Word is like a sword to protect us against the enemy.

To sharpen this sword as we battle each day, I think it’s important to reflect, meditate on, and memorize the Word. As I reflected on the passages I studied this past week, there are two poems at the links below that were inspired and my hope is that they help affirm the need for prayer and to encourage each other:
Where Everything Begins

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2 responses to “The Sharp Double-Edged Sword

  1. Oh good grief; the world is filled with vulgarity, violence and what some call vice. Applying a false dichotomy to it and calling everything it contains either ‘good’ or ‘evil’ is immature. Assigning and allotting the world into these two artificial camps is shallow and callous and simplistic. Thinking one’s self ‘armed’ against ‘evil’ by adhering to a ancient belief set in the supernatural agencies that populate the invisible world is ignorance in action.

    Rather than turn to the company of an invisible ally asserted to be pious, why not arm one’s self with knowledge and compassion? Exercising these builds character into a strength to deal with the world as it really is while providing the flexibility to chart a path through the unknown for one’s self that is fair, responsible, meaningful, and wise. No Harveys are required.


  2. I did not mean war for us but that soldiers prepare for war. Christians need to prepare for the conflict with evil by spending time with God, and letting His Spirit make us better Christians to stand up for what is right in Gods eyes.


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