Review of Matterhorn by K Marlantes

This book is a real page turner, once you start you can’t wait to read the next bit.

This book is set in the Vietnam war and although a novel reads as a true story, the author served in the USA marines in Vietnam and it shows in this book.

This is not always an easy read, you would hardly expect a book on this war to be. However it is a good account of how wars can be fought and how people at different levels of command see things differently.

The personalision is wonderful you get drawn into caring about the characters, and join in the loss there comrades feel when they die.

This is not the sort of book you would expect any mention of God and Christian faith, but I was wrong there is.

“Mellas for the first time really talked with his God. Then he cried,”

“You think we go to heaven when we die? Jermain asked?   I don’t think nothing’, I believe Jesus take care of us when we die. Cortell looked at Jermain. Believin’s not thinking'”

I would recomend this book it is wonderful.



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