147 of these around 20 + are family, and another 20 are good friends the rest people I know from one thing or another. A good point that we need to keep the important ones close and not just use FB for contact.

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It came as quite a surprise to me recently to realise that I have around 200 friends on Facebook. The surprise was twofold: firstly, I don’t really class myself as a FB buff. Secondly, I did not think I even knew that many people, let alone had all those ‘friends’. Now I realise my number of ‘friends’ compare dismally with many students here at Sheffield Hallam. I asked a few at random how many ‘friends’ they had on their social networks. 412 was the lowest, 643 the highest. In comparison, I am a digital ‘Billy no-mates’.

Of course the word ‘friends’ does not really capture the nature of many of those designated as such in the digital world.  An alternative might be ‘people I know or have known at some point’. True friends are about far more than a status update or a ‘like’. Friends are those special people in life who…

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