An uneven playing field

Totally agree Ian, I also have known young people who come from difficult homes and would not be safe there and needed somewhere else to stay.

Chaplain's blog

One of the headline-grabbing announcements at the recent Conservative party conference was about a future Tory government cutting benefits for under-25s. This was coupled with the assertion that a young person can leave school, ‘get a flat’ and settle into a life on benefits. While that might be true, beneath the headline is the assumption that there is an army of young people who have no intention or desire to find work, whose goal in life is to live off the state.

That’s not my experience of young people. The vast majority long to find meaningful employment, there is simply nothing out there for them. A further fly in the ointment of the benefits-cutting soundbite is the fact that a signficant number of young people who leave school without qualifications come from backgrounds where they have already experienced considerable social disadvantage. That in itself can be a contributing factor in a…

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