Microsoft in Biblical Terms

Dreams and Other Things

Format Painter Eight hours a day Microsoft is my world, and in that world, Format Painter is my BFF.  However, when it comes to being like Christ, Format Painter is what the Pharisees did to become “white washed tombs”….not what we are going for!

Format Painter applies the outward appearance of what you want to copy, but it doesn’t change the wording (the heart of it). Jesus is all about changing our “wording” – the heart of us.

A few years ago, I was scrounging for something to create. I said out loud “I really want to trace something”… the Lord whispered back: “Trace Me”.

“I wanna be like You Lord, I wanna be like you”

I don’t just want to look like Jesus; I want to be like Him. The Words of the Living Word change us to our very core, not just the outward appearance.

With Jesus, we are to…

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