Review of “God of War” by C Cameron

This is a review of the book “God of War” by Christian Cameron, subtitled The Epic Story Of Alexander the Great.


First thing to say is that this is a big book nearly 800 pages, the second thing to say is that it’s not really about Alexander at all, but about Ptolemy, who became ruler of Egypt.

In general this book is just to long, it could have lost a few hundred pages with no loss to the story, and story it is, because although it follows Alexanders life it fills in a lot which we do not know about him and Ptolemy. So historical fiction not history.

I feel that this would have been a better book if it had left out some parts but included more of the future of Ptolemy.

Around midpoint I did consider giving up, but in the end I did finish reading it.

Not sure I would recommend it, there are better history’s of Alexander and this one does not really follow mainstream thoughts on his army either.


One response to “Review of “God of War” by C Cameron

  1. Interesting, you’re the second person who has given it a very moderate review


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