Syria and WWI

I was just thinking that since we are going to remembering/celebrating the start of WWI next year, how many people can see the irony of starting yet another war as part of that.

WWI started because the nations wanted to sort out who was top dog and the assassination gave them that chance. So now its about who is top USA, Russia or China.

So far this century we have been involved in war for 10 of its 13 years, now we are about to get involved in yet another one just as we leave one unfinished.

Like WWI Syria could be the match that lite the touchpaper, who knows how it will turn out. Hopefully not with more millions of dead as in the two world wars.

I do wonder if our well educated leaders ever learnt any history or if they are so tied up with fear, lies and power that they can not see where they are taking us.

For years after WWII the West, other than the USA, tired to keep a peace and not get involved, now we seem to be running headless towards one war after another.

We did not see all this moral outrage when the USA used chemicals in Vietnam, or march in when Iraq used them on Iran. No but this gives us a reason to have a go at Iran, indirectly at first but who knows. I expect that some in the USA hope that it will allow them to have a go at Iran and get revenge for past slights.

Jesus said turn the other cheek, to love your enemies and shame them by doing good, not to hold past hurts but to leave them to God.

It is such a shame that the country that says it is God fearing is also the one who spends more of its time starting or getting involved in wars than any other.

True it is not the only power to weld its power, but it is a shame that it has not learnt anything from its own past history.

Father God please send your wisdom upon our leaders, may they rule for the good of all and to protect peace and harmony. Protect the weak, the widow and poor, rather than make more of them.

In Jesus name


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