Protecting the people of Syria

The Government is saying that there will be no troops on the ground and no regime change. That we are to to protect the people without taking sides.

All good stuff.

However how does using missiles protect people?

If we want to protect Syrians we need to set up humanitarian camps and protect them with Troops.

We then say to all Syrians that they can come for shelter there and will be protected from harm. We also say to all others that we will use force to pritect those camps ans the area around them with all means at our disposal.

This allows those who do not want to fight to have somewhere safe to go while leaving those who wish to fight to do so. We will not be taking sides or changing the regimes just providing humanitarian relief to those that what it. Once in a camp they will be prevented from leaving so they can not use them as a shelter to launch attacks from.

However this is not what our governments really want they want a war without really worrying about the Syrian people.


One response to “Protecting the people of Syria

  1. That’s a reasonable option. They’ve tried that in several places in Africa with varying degrees of success. Sometimes, the refugees ended up being attacked anyway. With the size of some of the camps, it took quite a lot of troops to adequately protect them. I think it would be worth a try though, if we do anything militarily at all.


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