Review of CAESAR by A Goldsworthy

This is not the first book by Adrian Goldsworthy I have read nor the first book on Caesar.

I like the style of history writing Adrian uses, he collect together the information and then retells it. Showing where there is dispute over happenings or dates. He works through campaigns and battles with a good grasp of military history and takes you through how the armies work and are commanded. He is also good at putting the story into its proper context rather than as some histories leaving it hanging.

This book starts with a overview of Caesar’s world how Rome under the republic worked and what drove its leaders. Then we start from his childhood and work forward to his death and after. Adrian   takes care to show us what is happening around the story of Caesar so he is not an isolated character.

A good book one of the best I have read on the subject and if you have no great knowledge of Rome or the time of Caesar well explained.


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