Picture thought day 39

Lacock 2011 Copyright C Brann

Lacock 2011
Copyright C Brann

DO we need to go to church to worship God?

22The LORD told Moses to say to the people of Israel:    With your own eyes, you saw me speak to you from heaven. 23So you must never make idols of silver or gold to worship in place of me. 24Build an altar out of earth, and offer on it your sacrifices of sheep, goats, and cattle. Wherever I choose to be worshiped, I will come down to bless you. 25If you ever build an altar for me out of stones, do not use any tools to chisel the stones, because that would make the altar unfit. 26And don’t build an altar that requires steps; you might expose yourself when you climb up.    Exodus 20

God’s message to Moses was straightforward: ‘You saw me speak, now worship me using ordinary everyday stuff – nothing fancy’ (vs 22,23). He is an awesome God, who wants simple but authentic worship. [World Live 19 07 2013]

Yes we need to go to church, church is the people not the building, the people need to come together to worship God and give there best to Him. These days that would not be animals but from what we make, do or have.

God never did want these big abbeys cathedrals and churches we have built, all He wants is us and Him together. Then He will bless us as He chooses.


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