Review of “The Punic Wars” by A Goldsworthy

This is not the first or I expect the last book I will read on this period of history. For those who do not know it covers the three wars between Rome and Carthage in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC.

These wars can tell us much about hoe countries respond to each other even today and the battles of Hannibal are among the most studied by the military.

I did enjoy reading this book, a good easy read deep for those with more knowledge but easy enough for those without.

Good maps and a helpful chronology as well as a deep look at how the Roman army was organized at this time.

The main battles were looked at with a questioning mind and some of the assumptions of others challenged.

All in all a good book and like all of Adrian’s I have read well researched.

One I will come back to from time to time


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