Egypt, Syria, Iran and the future of the region.

Egypt, Syria, Iran and the future of the region.

I have been thinking about this region over the last few days, and I am disturbed by my thoughts.

First I can see the whole area falling deeper into war, civil war and tribal war. The last few days have shown that Egypt is running fast towards a Muslim Brotherhood, Army confrontation with other groups either joining one side or the other or trying to stay neutral. The two sides are moving to a point where they will not be able to talk to each other and only want to govern for there own faction.

Second I can see the possibility of outside intervention from Iran, Israel, the USA and Russia  making the whole event worse by manipulating it for there own advantage.  Russia can make there oil and gas worth more by making it harder to get it from this area, The USA needs these resources as does Europe. Iran can see a chance to control the area and increase its ability to promote Islam and its own agenda. Israel will not want a strong federation of states on its border.

Third, I think that many other democratic countries should bear in mind that unless they govern for all the people and not a select group then civil unrest can follow which will heighten any friction in the country.

To finish, I think we need to pray for this area, we do not want to see it continue to fall into war with all the horror that that means as we can already see in Syria. Jesus tells us to pray for our enemy and forgive. We need to pray that this can happen between the peoples in this area at this time.

We need to be ready to support the people here as they struggle to sort out there future and supply food and medical aid as needed, as well as working to bring the sides together.


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