Picture thought day 25

Falmouth Copyright C Brann

Copyright C Brann

Often it feels like the Christian faith is under assault, but this is not new.

Elijah complained to God about the people of Israel? 3He said, “Lord, they killed your prophets and destroyed your altars. I am the only one left, and now they want to kill me.”     4But the Lord told Elijah, “I still have seven thousand followers who have not worshiped Baal.” 5It is the same way now. God was kind to the people of Israel, and so a few of them are still his followers.

Romans 11

History has seen faith in Yahweh rise and fall, faith in His Son Jesus has also seen the same rise and fall and then rise again. But Yahweh is faithful and supports those few who have faith and use them to bring more to faith again.


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