Picture thought Day 24

Beer Beach 2003 Copyright C Brann

Beer Beach 2003
Copyright C Brann

What does all of this mean? It means that the Gentiles were not trying to be acceptable to God, but they found that he would accept them if they had faith. 31-32It also means that the people of Israel were not acceptable to God. And why not? It was because they were trying to be acceptable by obeying the Law instead of by having faith in God. The people of Israel fell over the stone that makes people stumble, 33just as God says in the Scriptures, “Look! I am placing in Zion

a stone to make people    stumble and fall.

But those who have faith    in that one

will never   be disappointed.”

Romans 9

What is it that makes you stumble?

Is it by trying to be good?

Or is it because you are trying to please yourself or others?

Paul tells us that we need to have faith in Christ and by that we will avoid stumbling on the rocks of life.


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