‘These were all commended for their faith…’ Hebrews 11:39

UCB Word for Today   20 Jun 2013
‘These were all commended for their faith…’ Hebrews 11:39

Debbie, a radiant thirty-seven-year-old who worked at The Word For You Today in Atlanta, died after battling cancer. People everywhere prayed for her healing, including the elders at Northpoint Church. Some of those who attended her funeral wondered, ‘Why?’ The truth is, sometimes God heals us in response to the prayer of faith (James 5:14), other times He takes us to heaven, which Paul describes as ‘far better’ (Philippians 1:23). This raises the question: ‘Why are some people healed in response to prayer and others not?’ The answer is: ‘We don’t know, and God doesn’t tell us!’ Paul, who wrote half the New Testament, had a ministry so miraculous that the dead were raised, yet he confessed, ‘We know in part’ (1Corinthians13:9). Pastor James Bradley sheds light on this difficult subject. He points out that in Hebrews chapter eleven, some ‘escaped the edge of the sword’ (Hebrews 11:34 NIV), while others ‘were put to death by the sword’ (Hebrews 11:37 NIV). But notice in verse 39, ‘These were all commended for their faith.’ Bradley writes: ‘It seems clear that we can’t always measure faith by results. Faith is a virtue and value on its own merit. Our faith is not based on what we get, it’s based on who we trust.’ Speaking of Debbie’s death, he wrote: ‘She did not fail her faith and her faith did not fail her. She was, and is, a wonderful example of trusting God in the most difficult of life’s challenges. She’s a champion of faith, and I was inspired by her unshakeable trust and love for the Lord.’

Reading this made me think again about healing and prayer, I have many people praying for me or have prayed for me and my illness.

Some ask “why does God let you suffer”

Others “does this shake your faith?”

My Answer I stand on my faith in Jesus alone, I know He can heal but maybe that is not going to happen, but if it does then it is to Gods glory and not for those that have been praying.

It is a great support knowing so many care enough to spend time praying for me, but an even greater support is the love and sacrifice of Jesus. He suffered more than I do and He said ‘Your will not mine Lord’ I echo that. Your will Father not mine. No matter what happens here and now eventually I will be with Jesus and there will be no more suffering.


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