“The snowflake is one of nature’s most fragile things, but when snowflakes stick together they can bring an entire city to a standstill.”
Alone. The hill looks so steep.
Alone. The mission seems impossible.
Alone. The task is so tiresome.
Alone. My weaknesses are so obvious.
Alone. I think only of myself.
Together. The hill looks like an adventure.
Together. The mission is an exciting possibility.
Together. The task is enjoyable and rewarding.
Together. My strengths are fully utilised.
Together. Selfishness becomes selflessness.
Together. It is a powerful word.
Phil Green for WordLive  http://www.wordlive.org.uk
© Scripture Union 2011
 This was part of my reading this morning.
Together we are stronger and more able to do things. A army works because its parts work together, a business works when all its workers are working together.
The Christian Church works to do Gods will when all its different parts are working together with Gods will at the center.
I work better when I have Jesus at my center.
If you feel alone and lost and weak on your own then turn to Jesus ask him for his help and live your daily live together.
I did and its great.

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