Questioning God in the Storm

Glenda Mills

I spent much of last week saddened over the loss of life and devastation from the latest tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

I felt flat lined in my emotions as I sat at my computer viewing the ruins, tears, and heartbreak brought to so many. Scenes like these always prompt questions in our hearts.

Where is God?

Does He see the devastation and destruction brought on by the whirlwinds of  life?

Does He care about our heartaches and tears?

If God-fearing Job were alive today, he would certainly understand questions that arise in hearts when powerful storms enter our world and leave us with unbelievable loss and devastation.  Job lost his family and all he owned in a very short period of time through a whirlwind of destruction.

Soon after his body was struck with terrible boils, leaving him sitting on an ash heap of suffering.

Read the story of Job in the…

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