How The Early Church Spread

What a great picture

Morning Story and Dilbert

The red ants around our yard and pool this summer have been out of control! Each time I apply ant poison to a mound- it dissipates, but a new one crops up nearby. Today I had a first hand view of the extensive spread of these insects.

We had one small ant hills by the swimming pool, and I spread the poison.  The next morning I woke up- ready to wash away the residue dirt and  discovered the ants had moved about six yards away and had increased to 6 hills.

———————   ————————   —————————

This entire picture reminded me of how the early church spread.  At first, there was just one body of believers- those who comprised the early church, and they loved and worked for the Lord with a passion. Today there are many denominations – still all loving the Lord and serving Him with a glad heart .The…

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