Psalm 66

Psalm 66

10Our God, you tested us,

just as silver is tested.

11You trapped us in a net

and gave us heavy burdens.

12You sent war chariots

to crush our skulls.

We traveled through fire

and through floods,

but you brought us

to a land of plenty.

13I will bring sacrifices

into your house, my God,

and I will do what I promised

14when I was in trouble.

As I read this psalm this morning it spoke to me of what I am suffering, I like sliver am being made purer and more refined. Father is using my current position to make me more of what I can be. I feel trapped in illness and suffering as a fish in a net, I feel burdened by pain and discomfort. My head and body feel as if they have been crushed in many ways and my journey over the last years has been as hard as though it had been through fire and floods. I can feel overwhelmed and lost. However as the Psalmist writes You have brought me to a land of plenty. Even in the illness I feel blessed and your gifts are wonderful, I see others worse than me and realise how blessed I am. I see others struggle with finances and realise how you bless me with my wife who keeps us. I see your blessings in those I help see you and in those at church who see You in me.

Lord Jesus I thank you for you blessings and I will continue to bring myself into your house and do what I have promised to do, follow you all of my days.


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