Read or misread scripture?

John 7   45 When the temple police returned to the chief priests and Pharisees, they were asked, “Why didn’t you bring Jesus here?”

46 They answered, “No one has ever spoken like that man!”

47 The Pharisees said to them, “Have you also been fooled? 48 Not one of the chief priests or the Pharisees has faith in him. 49 And these people who don’t know the Law are under God’s curse anyway.”

50 Nicodemus was there at the time. He was a member of the council, and was the same one who had earlier come to see Jesus. He said, 51 “Our Law doesn’t let us condemn people before we hear what they have to say. We cannot judge them before we know what they have done.”

52 Then they said, “Nicodemus, you must be from Galilee! Read the Scriptures, and you will find that no prophet is to come from Galilee.”

This is an interesting condemnation of Jesus by the rulers, Nicodemus is reminding them that a man is innocent until proved guilty. However they reply our you from Galilee after all no one great comes from there. but they were wrong and were ignoring parts of scripture for there own advantage.

Jonah son of Amittai appears in 2 Kings[1] as a prophet from Gath-hepher (a few miles north of Nazareth) active during the reign of Jeroboam II (c.786-746 BC),

It has already been a response of a disciple that nothing good can come from Nazareth and now we have the same stereotype from those who should now better.

What stereotypes do you have which cloud your view of others?

When do you misquote scripture to get your way?

Jesus used scripture often but never misquoted it, nor did he use it to put people down. He used scripture to challenge and build people up but never to condemn or belittle.

The chief priests and Pharisees hadn’t got there way when the guards came back empty handed and they were annoyed so they started to take it out on others. When Nicodemus tried to point out what they were doing was wrong he got it in the neck as well. We can all be like that, having a go at the peace maker because they point out something we do not really want to hear.



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