Bread Of Life

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Biblereading:John6:41–59 –

48 I am the bread that gives life! – This has been so true this weekend for me, I have felt life in my tired ill body as I have spent time praying for and being prayed for, as well as dealing with quests and parties. The Alpha course [I am running] was on Does God Heal today and our Sunday services were looking at Being a disciple of Christ today and healing. In both areas we saw people come for prayer to receive new life, to be blessed by His spirit and presence. As the weekend went on I felt full of peace and blessing. No I have not been healed but other problem areas people had where getting better. Thank you Lord that you are the Bread of Life and through you we can have new life. Thank you for the signs of your Kingdom and the glory that will bring.


One response to “Bread Of Life

  1. Just had a call from someone praying for me on Sunday. They had a picture of a wall with some blocks being knocked out of it. We both feel that this is a sign that my healing will be a step by step thing.
    I thank those who pray for me and praise Jesus for His grace.


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