Thoughts on Margret Thatcher

Thoughts on Margret Thatcher.

Now all the fuss has died down a bit and the lady has been laid to rest, it seems time to think back over the last few weeks.

First I want to say that like all of us she made mistakes but she also did good things. Some of those good things we will never know about just as many of us do good things which others do not see.

I admit to having voted for her in 79 but at that time we needed a leader who would govern and not let the country continue to lurch from crises to crises. I do believe that she was right to stand up to unions who thought that they ruled the country, even though they were not elected to do so. However I do not believe that she should have demonised so many working people in doing so.

A lot of her policies started us and other countries on the road to the big consumerist society we now have, her governments privatizations although in general a good idea ended up being too ideological so that we exchanged public monopolies for private ones whose only reason is to make a profit for the few who own them. I am sure that Gas, electric, water and rail should have been made co-ops with a priority to the customers and cheep effective supply, combined with building efficiencies, with profits being reinvested rather than being paid out in bonuses and big salaries.

We have just seen and are still experiencing the effects of deregulation in financial and other services. Interestingly MT didn’t want the state involved in propping up companies think about how the state had been propping up the British car industry and how much more efficient it is now, but somehow we have ended up bailing out bad banking companies. The main people to gain from that has been the men [and it is mainly men]  at the top and they are often the friends of those in power.

For all her blessings and faults MT was a human woman loved by God and who felt she was doing the best she could for the country. I do not believe she should have had a pseudo-state funeral and I am sure we should not be paying for it. However it seems to me that this has been more about politics with a lot of Conservative party members using her to gain status for there party now she can not say that that is not what she meant, I see her being rolled out at the next election to help the party. Not something they could do while she was alive as she did not keep to the script. The dead can not complain about what you say they think.

The way some people reacted to her death was shameful, she was a mother, and grand mother, she was also a human being and no one deserves to be treated like that. You may not like her or what she stood for but that is no reason to be partying  at her death. How would any of those doing so like it if when someone in there family dies and people come out to celebrate it?

So to finish, yes MT had her faults but she also had good sides to her, many people voted for her and so she had a mandate. She was not a great war leader, the Falklands war was a small blip in her 11 years, but she did stand up to aggression and defended a British peoples way of life. Now she has been buried she should be left to rest in peace with out being demonised, canonized or exploited by politicians, family or enemies. She will now be judged by God on how she lived and treated others. Let us remember that is not our place to judge, after all we all fall far short of perfection as well.





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