Women – Bishops – Leadership – The Church – Jesus – Calling

Women – Bishops – Leadership – The Church – Jesus – Calling

So the discussion and voting on women bishops is done for now.  I see that there is a lot of comment on the net about it.

However I would like to point out that Bishops etc do not exist in the bible, they are a man made position which came about when Rome adopted the Christian faith. These were to tie the church into the state as Bishops were a variation on the province structure of the state, having Church and state work in conjunction with the same geographic boundaries. So all of this is really pointless. The church should have elders who look after the people and Spirit gifted people to preach, heal etc as they are gifted by the Spirit. Jesus did not set up a hierarchy he sent people out to spread the word, heal the sick and love there neighbour. If we do that then we are doing His will anything else is ill-relevant.

we also need to remember – Mark 12  Guard against the teachers of the Law of Moses! They love to walk around in long robes and be greeted in the market. 39They like the front seats in the meeting places and the best seats at banquets. 40But they cheat widows out of their homes and pray long prayers just to show off. They will be punished most of all.

The reason for being a bishop or any other position in the church structure is important. Is it to look good and have the power or is it to do Christ’s work, if the later then your rank should not matter.

I do feel for those who feel left out or locked out of the structure of the church, but in the end is that why you were called?

Did we not all feel called to heal the sick, take the word of Jesus to the lost and love them?

The Idea that the Christian church in particular the Anglican church has to be just as secular society wants it is daft. The Church, IE the people of God not the buildings or structure, is what is important. The Church is the bride of Christ and as such faith in Jesus is the only important thing.  For me all this talk about women bishops is pointless, we have women leaders of the Church and therefore we should be able to have women to oversee them. That is if we have to have such a structure.


One response to “Women – Bishops – Leadership – The Church – Jesus – Calling

  1. Just another thought, Didn’t Jesus tell the disciples off for wondering who would be the greatest and sit closer to Him?
    Lets just stick to the great commission and not worry to much about who is higher than who


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