Hadfields & McCoys a tale of unforgivness

This series is very powerful and a good watch, however under all of its story of families at war lay the two patriarchs Anse & Randall and the hatred they have for each other.

This hatred came out of the civil war where although they were both on the same side and both saved the life of the other, they ended up at loggerheads after  Anse deserted and left Randall and the rest of the men to be captured.

For me this just shows the effect of forgivenesses and pride, if either had just stepped back early then none of what was to happen would have done. They lost family and friends as the killing went on and on.

Then there is the one or two who are exploiting this for there own ends and then peer pressure.

All in all the situation is made worse by each action.

Randall is supposed to be a God fearing man but shows no love for others and no grace. This whole affair shows the truth that the sins of the fathers end up on the sons. In this case the fathers hate and the sons die.

Jesus said turn the other cheek and Love your enemies, if both sides had done this many deaths would have been  avoided.


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