Conference season 2012 My thoughts

So conference season is over for another year and just what have we learnt from it?

Well for me a few things unfortunately not always new.

1/ Each party has some good ideas but they can not support each others good ideas. Even within the coalition, they can not all work to support good ideas, if they come from the other side.

2/ We are all in this together, all striving to improve our lot!  Well we keep hearing this but to me as to others it always seems that this applies to us and not to those making the statement. It reminds me of the Roman Republic in the 1st century BC and the state of England during the late 15 and early 16th Century [War of the Roses]. Those at the top say its all very tough and something needs to be done, but its the ones at the bottom which end up paying the cost.

3/ People who do not have to live on less than £20,000 should be careful of telling others that they know there pain, and cutting support from those on less than £10,000 is immoral.

4/ Politicians can make very pretty speeches which once you look at them contain very little information. Rather they often contain  insults and slurs on others. In my humble opinion they should say less but say what is needed and not spend so much effort being rude to each other.

5/ Those who made the mess should clean it up. That seemed to be a thyme to me. The government say that the last government made the mess and so should shut up till they have sorted it out or apologised.  If you break something at home you clear it it, if you make a mess of your finances you have to sort it out with help from others. So if the bankers caused this mess it was fine for us to help them sort it out but they also need to bear the cost and pain just as if I over spent I would have to arrange to pay it back over a time period and have to cut my budget to enable me to do so or go bankrupt. If the banks can not pay us back a monthly amount to repay the amount they have received then they need to go bust. I know that that can’t happen, but the shareholders and directors who allowed this to happen should lose out just as I would if allowed my finances to go wrong. If we as a people are all in this together then we need to see those who caused the mess pay the most towards fixing it. I.E. the bankers, those who greed drove them and the political leaders who allowed it to happen.

6/ The idea of limiting benefits in some way. Well in principal there is a case for this, why should people increase there family size at the expense of us all, why should young people who can live at home get housing benefit, why should millionaires get free TV and bus travel? to name just a few.

All these seem reasonable and if put in place properly would be fine, but of course like many good ideas this will be implemented to protect those who vote for a particular party and penalise those who don’t. If we are talking of limiting benefits for those who don’t need them or to stop a few people from exploiting the system  then that is fine but lets do it with a fine knife and not a hammer.

6/ You can’t conjure jobs out of thin air, its no good saying people need to come off benefits and work if there are no jobs. Cutting back on jobs put more people out of work and so makes the problem worse. Make the minimum wage enough to life on and tax free, make it worth people working and then when there are enough jobs insist that people work if they can. However you can not make people work if there are no jobs or they do not pay enough. To many employers are effectively being subsidised by the tax payer by paying very low wages which encourages immigrants to take the jobs. If companies can afford to pay there higher levels big salaries then they can afford to pay there lower levels a living wage.

Just remember this has happened before and will again its part of history, greed causes unrest and turmoil.




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