Life can be so perplexing

Life can be so perplexing.

During the summer we have seen and enjoyed the best of people as they strove to be the best and overcome there own limits to be the best. We watched the sportsmen and women of the world competed at the Olympics and Paralympics.

However during the last couple of weeks we have seen the other side of our nature in the ambush & killing of the 2 police women, the abduction of school girl and now the abduction of a little girl.

One is forced to ask why, why can we be so wonderful and also so terrible?

I suppose that is one of the great questions of life, is it because society has broken down? Is it because respect of law has gone? Is it because our moral compass has been removed? Even worse things happen in countries with massive law enforcement because they are dictatorships. Just look at Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia.

Is it just because people no longer care about others? or is it something deeper?

I have no simple answer to this, but I do believe that we do need to be concerned about the way we present society in our media like soaps and how our politicians act to each other. In both these cases satisfying your own needs and drives seem to many to be more important than the good of the whole. One has to wonder if our people having this image consistently thrown at them have absorbed it so much that it has broken down there idea of what is right and wrong.    After all where do we get our idea of right and wrong from these days?

It used to be from our Christian faith which even if it was only a surface faith, which for many even in the past it was, at least it gave a general idea of right and wrong. Now we do not seem to have any idea of right and wrong in a lot of people, laws are broken all the time from speeding & littering, which many do not even see as wrong to stealing and killing.

I for one would like to see our leaders have more respect for right and wrong instead of always trying to wriggle out of situations they have put themselves in it would be nice for them to admit there error and ask for forgiveness,  however it would be even better if they made sure that they didn’t break the law or do things they know are wrong in the first place. This would then set a good example to everyone else.




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