Review of ‘The Dirty Dozen’

The Dirty Dozen a book by E M Nathanson, which is also a film.

I have seen the film loads of times but only picked up the book last weekend at a second hand stall.

A very interesting read, the film does follow the main story but misses out a lot of the characterisation of the heroes/villains.  At the end I had good feelings about some of them but disdain for others. There was much in the book to make you think about how and why people turn bad and why some admit to it and others don’t, also why some will change given the chance and others refuse to change.

Reading about a hanging and about the different violent crimes from murder to rape can be disturbing but it is an important part of the story, one the film glosses over.

A good read and I will look forward to seeing the film again with this new background.


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