Review of “The Scramble for Africa”

The Scramble for Africa by T Pakenham

A very interesting book about a period I knew little about, it covers the time from 1876 to 1912 when the main grab of African land took place by various European countries.

Interestedly it all started off because some European countries needed new places to sell there goods because a recession in Europe   meant less goods being bought there, it also helped to have access to new raw materials.

Particularly in England there was no Government interest in more colonies but the banks and merchants did not want to be left out of the land grab and feared that it would put them at a disadvantage.

Sounds familiar, it should the same arguments are still used to push governments into doing what business wants.  As you read this book you will find many such thoughts hit you and it made me wonder if we ever do learn from the past. They do say those who ignore history will repeat it.

The double dealing and politicking between nations to stop someone else getting something even if you had no interest in it yourself is just so modern. Reminds me of a lot of current political manoeuvring.

A good read even if a big heavy book.

I enjoyed it, found out a lot I did not know.


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