Review of “He Never Let Go”

He Never Let Go by L Alsford

This is a wonderful story of a Evangelist who lost her faith and then had to deal with what that meant for her life. We follow Lyndia as she tells the story of her life, of her faith in God from a early day and going into ministry.

Then we continue as she struggles to deal with doubts and how she come to realise she did not believe any more. Then the journey continues with her search for meaning and how to cope with life know she no longer has God.

I shan’t tell you the rest read it for yourself, this is a great read. It is not the best written book but it does resonate with a real persons own story and struggles. I read it in one day as I could not put it down, my mum did it in 2 for the same reason.

There were many times reading this book that I thought this could be me, or I could see how easy it was to be in that place.

I would highly recommend this book, particularly if you have ever had doubts about your faith


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