Encounters on the Edge – 53 – Crossnet my thoughts

Just finished reading this booklet and needed to put down a few thoughts.

It was enjoyable to read about the journey to set up a Christian community, learning from the ups and downs of the leaders and the group. How it changes over time and were it keeps to a core idea.

the last part really took my interest though, looking at Disciple more as an apprentice. The way they learn as Jesus followers did but socialisation and non formal teaching, made me think about how my cell group works. In it we share our own experiences and learn from each other and the Spirit. We try together to follow Jesus and live like he did.

Later on George Lings, quotes a bit from the community vows.

Together, and with God’s help, we will

1- Seek to obey the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit

2- Set aside time each day for prayer, worship and reading of Scripture

3- Seek to be a blessing to those around us, demonstrating love for one another and working for justice and truthfulness in our relationships.

4- Seek to share our faith with those around us in word and deen and to pray for those who do not yet know Jesus

5- Seek to understand how God is making us more like Jesus in every circumstance of life.

This seems to me to be a good set of rules for any Christian group and I wonder if I should ask my cell group to follow them.

Then the booklet finishes with a bit about being good parents. I felt that this was important as a group leader as in many ways we are parents to those travelling and learning with us. We need to prepare our children to leave home, strike a balance between control and freedom, prepare them to take responsibility and to make good decisions of there own, allow them to fail and help them to grow from that, delight in there differences and successes, continue to act as guides even when they have left.

Again it resonated with the way I try to run my cell group.

This is a booklet worth reading, as are most of the series.

They can be got from Church Army  http://www.churcharmy.org.uk/ms/sc/encounters/sfc_eote.aspx




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