Tax avoidance!

Tax avoidance!

So in recent days avoiding tax has raised its head in a big way. All thanks to a comedian [Jimmy Carr] and the Prime Minister.

Across many of the political programs I watch or listen to many have had there say on this. For many avoiding tax is legal so why not pay as little as possible, for others it has become about making sure everyone contributes to running the country. Some see giving money to the state as a waste and think they should have as little as possible of our money as we know best how to spend it.  Others think the rich should subsidise the poor. God and the bible have even been draw into this by at least one person saying nowhere in the bible does it say pay taxes to a wasteful government.

So I have been thinking about it and here are my thoughts.

1/ We live in a country where everyone expects certain things to be supplied, from roads, Rail, Hospitals, police, fire brigades, ambulances, defence, consuls abroad, etc. These all have to be paid for.

2/ Those who earn most should pay the most towards all these things which make up for a stable and civilised society.  Why should we all pay the same?

3/ A lot of the things that most of the population never use are either supplied by the state or subsidised by it. For example Opera, Classical orchestras,  Theatre’s etc.

4/ A lot of people never need to use a doctor or a hospital, some of us can’t use rail or don’t live near a theatre, but we still pay towards them.

5/ The bible says Pay to Caesar what is due to Caesar and pay to God what is due to God. It also makes a point of saying to those with land to leave the edges for the poor. This would equate to making sure that those with resources to spare make sure that they leave some for those in need.

So my humble opinion is that we should all pay tax, there should be no legal ways to avoid paying such tax, though there might be a lower limit to paying tax or certain beneficial things you can invest in and the government except that from tax, like pensions up to a limit and some savings again with a upper limit. This tax should be fairly shared with those who earn the most paying the most those on low incomes paying very little. This should apply to companies who trade in this country as well as individuals. The government should shut down all  other ways of avoiding reducing tax and make all people who live and work here pay.

Now I know this is unlikely as many politicians get a lot of support from the rich. But if we are all in this together and need to work together to things straight then we all need to pay our fair share  and that doesn’t mean the rich paying around 1 to 5% tax and the rest of us 20-40%. Now I know that they still pay more but not as a proportion of there disposable income, and if they pay the rest of us have to pay a little less which makes a big difference to many. Also most of there income comes from us buying there goods or services, so they are only this rich because they have over charged in the first place.


One response to “Tax avoidance!

  1. PM now saying benefits should be cut for some to save money, at least £10b. Well if he stops the tax avoidance he can save £20b plus a year. Which will he do?


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