Who will you serve? reposted from Word Live

Who will you serve?
The Baals and Asheroths
Mammons and Molechs
Shimmer sweetly in
Soft evening glow
And dance in the flames
Set upon regal throne.
And king, noble,
Artisan and labourer
Smile pleasantly,
Dance merrily
Before the throne
In the land of comfort.
But spoiled statues
And images afforded every indulgence
Shed not a tear
Nor lift a finger
When the true God
Marches through the land.
He sought a people
Crushed under the weight of grand cities
Shackled to brick-moulds and building projects.
From these he rescued me
In the land of comfort
He is not a God of my imagining;
Rather from his imagining was I made.
And he shaped me by his hands
But my hands have shaped every kind of god.
And by these gods I might
Become fat and satisfied
As those who imprisoned me
In the land of comfort
But the true God turns
Again and again
His hand against evil
And will not bless oppression
So I will serve the God who made me
Not a god of my making.
He carries me in his strength
And relies upon no one’s strength to be carried.
Who shall you serve?
Who shall you obey?
Your comfort-gods
Or the Saving God?
Will you desire the sweet-painted smile
Of a dozen still images?
Will you give everything
To un-moving images?
Let your heart be sweetened
By this One God
Who has given everything to you.
So that immobile icons,
Who bless the killer and honour the slaver,
Need never hold
You captive again
Ian Burgess for WordLive http://www.wordlive.org.uk © Scripture Union 2012


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