Queens Diamond Jubilee

Well what a weekend.

Great to see the country celebrating the Queen and her 60 years as Head of State, I say it that way as she does not have any power so can hardly be said to Reign.

So wonderful to see so many coming out to the various events and enjoying being part of it. Shame about the weather but we are British and are used to it.

Watching the boats on the Thames was fun [even if they didn’t show all of them] at times the chaos  reminded me of people living there lives in the river of life all  different sizes and all going in the same direction but in there own way and on there own path. Every so often they came to a bridge which like obstacles  in life force the stream of boats to either conform or crash. Then there were small patrol boats scooting back and forth keeping an eye on those in distress or needing help. Just like God keeps his eye on us and is there to help when we let him.

Then watching the concert, there was the scene of all those people of differing ages and cultures all worshipping the gods of the modern age, the pop stars. Singing songs together and laughing at the jokes. So like those of us who worship Christ, sharing songs and jokes and together across the ages and cultures.

Then today there was the service in St Paul’s and the processions to and fro before the wave on the balcony. Again it was inspiring to see all those people wanting to share that special time with the queen as she worshipped and  gave thanks for Gods support in her life. I did wonder how many of those who went into the church or were part of it outside would ever go near a church normally or want anything to do with God at any time. Were they there because of the prestige for the queen or did Gods Spirit tug at them.

Then we went to our local street party, held in the church and church hall as it was to wet to have it  in the park. So many people enjoying being together, talking and having fun. Particularly the children, playing on the inflatable assault course, having there faces painted and playing other games in the church itself. The hall was packed with those eating and sharing time together, wonderful.

For me the row of small boot in the church porch just said it all to me.

[see pictures below]

Then home to catch the crowds in the mall out side the palace waiting for the queen. My thoughts were how many heads of state would want to look out and see so many of there people out there? Not many as they would be there to demonstrate. It reminded me of the crowds in various Arab countries at the moment demonstrating for freedom. Here was our crowd cheering our queen, how many presidents ever get that, how many of them spend long enough in the post to get that popular?

All in all a wonderful time and a thoughtful one as well.

I finish by praying for our queen and her husband, may he recover quickly, and may she continue to reign with honour.


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